Deutsch Online -- is Internet gateway of Bootstrapper, IT-generalist, data-enthusiast, cyclist, hiker and sport data analytics fanatic Bernhard Deutsch. If you have questions, or ideas and suggestions for projects, you're very welcome to send a polite message to I don't always get the chance to respond right away, but I will respond to all messages in a reasonable amount of time. Or, get in touch on Instagram, Facebook, orTwitter.

HANDICAP -- Partially paralyzed tongue muscle, face muscles and vocal cords since 2005. Verbal communication is possible, however with restrictions. Chat and Email work best. 

PROFESSION -- Busy with current project EVVORT and together with a small collective active for clients in the US, Canada and Israel.

SKILLS -- Senior Application Developer (C++, C#, NET, PYTHON), Senior Web Developer (PHP, ROR, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, JS, AS), Back End Developer (GCODE).

HISTROY -- Self-employed, past: Lead Developer @ Microsoft, Lead Developer @ FAMUP. Clients include Recon Instruments, CTV Television, Government of British Columbia, Microsoft, Garmin, Partek IT Solutions, University of Kentucky, Virgin Galactic, The Barbour Shop, Camerata Pacifica, Mission Control Media - TV Production und 100+ more projects, Back End Developer @ Böhler Uddeholm, EMCO

ACTIVITY -- Biking, hiking, gym and on Strava